by Dead Coast

  • 12" Vinyl (LP)

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01. Flutro
02. Jenny Loves The Sun
03. Just Don't Give Yourself
04. Ask The Dust
05. ESP
06. Overcome

07. Hills Made Of Sand
08. Bossa For Stanley
09. Good In Her Blues
10. Our Sorrow
11. Why Are We Still Together?
12. Some Sinking Notes
13. Because I Know You


released February 5, 2016

(P) & (C) 2016 Annibale Records ANNBL003

All songs written by L. Bianco, Except 'ESP' written by L. Bianco and C. Leadbeater and 'Hills Made Of Sand' written By L. Bianco and U.Renna.

All songs arranged by Dead Coast. Recorded & Mastered by Syd Kemp at R.I.P Studios, Primrose Hill, London. Produced by Syd Kemp and Dead Coast.

Luca Bianco: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Fuzz Flute, Upright Toy Piano, Stylophone and Bass on 'Overcome'. Craig Leadbeater: Bass, Backing Vocals and Coffee Machine. Donnie Guasto: Lead Guitar on 'Jenny Loves The Sun', 'ESP', 'Overcome', 'Bossa For Stanley' and 'Our Sorrow'. Francesco Perini: Organ on 'Overcome', 'Hills Made Of Sand', 'Bossa For Stanley', 'Our Sorrow' and 'Because I Know You'. Yuki Ishii: Additional Vocals on 'Overcome'. Artwork and Design By James Burgess.



Annibale Records Florence, Italy

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